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I got hooked on European soccer when I lived in the UK for a couple years.

Taking the train from Redding to Liverpool for a match at Anfield where I was hugged after a Michael Owen goal – Who says the Brits don’t have emotion? – was quite an experience.

So when I stumbled across the following video of Michael Bradley who had just landed with Chievo in Italy’s Seria A league, I thought “What a great way to help fans get to know Bradley.”

Of course, this assumes that Bradley shares his personality.

Which he doesn’t.

Let’s look at the opener:

“My name is Michael Bradley. I was born in Princeton, New Jersey. I’m 24 years old and I’m a midfielder.”

Geez, it sounds like roll call for a 7 a.m. highway clean-up crew.

What’s the value in repeating information in any standard bio?

Three times Bradley uttered the words, “I’m very excited to be here” and one time he went for the minimalistic version, “I’m excited to be here.”

The blank-face delivery doesn’t exactly match the words.

Look, I appreciate he’s an athlete, not an actor.

I also recognize it doesn’t all fall on Bradley to produce compelling video.

The interview also comes into play.

Ask him about his favorite moment playing for the U.S. national team?

Was there ever a moment when he questioned whether he would become a professional soccer player?

Where does he live in Italy? Has he met his neighbors? Does he already have a favorite restaurant? Has he ever downed a bottle of Chianti by himself?

In short, find Bradley’s passion points.

That’s how you liven up the video and bring out the personality.


  • George Niczewicz


    I completely agree with you. One only needs to look to ESPN’s interview with Michael’s father Bob before the Algeria game in the 2010 W.C. to see how this works.

  • Lou Hoffman


    Thanks for weighing in.

    Good to know there are at least two soccer fans in Northern California.

    I tried to find that interview you referenced with Bob Bradley and had no luck. If you’ve got it handy, please send the URL my way.



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