Visual Storytelling Can Bring ...


The largest semiconductor in the world runs a story depicting tattoos with “Intel” as part of the deisgn.

Caterpillar produces a video about the role of their tractors in uniting the country of Madagascar.

Visual storytelling can be an effective means to show a company’s humanity to the outside world.

It’s tough for B2B companies to show their personality. Most are bound by a conservative mentality that prefers to stick with the status quo. You can see this reflected in both the structure and “look and feel” of their websites.

In any given sector, the sites all look the same.

As a result, a little courage and showing your humanity can actually help to differentiate your company.

You can see how this plays out with one of our clients, TOTVS Labs, the Silicon Valley operation for the largest software company in Brazil, TOTVS.

Rather than go with the typical visuals associated with business computing, the company rotates on the home page favorite photos from employees that depict their home countries. On each photo, the employee writes a caption with a line about its significance.

Brazil software company TOTVS home page three contries Brazil India Russia

I know the writing is tough to read in the reduced size. Here’s a snapshot of the writing in the photo directly above.

TOTVS - storytelling techniques on company home page

What I particularly like about the TOTVS Labs approach is that the photos didn’t involve a massive undertaking.

The little things can make a big difference.

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