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Some pieces of information aren’t rich enough to justify a stand-alone post.

Hence, a smattering of commentary from the grab bag –

Visuals as a Storytelling Technique

Testing products doesn’t exactly make for scintillating storytelling.

That’s why I was impressed with the one-off narrative from a company called Animoca.

The fragmentation of the Android platform which makes it tough for developers to test products is well known.

But by snapping a photo of various Android devices spread across a table, Animoca landed in TechCrunch

TechCrunch - This Is What Developing For Android Looks Like

Nice touch putting the company name on a flat screen in the background.

MFA Russia tweet

Cold War on Twitter

After a speech on U.S.-Russia relations by Michael McFaul, the U.S. ambassador to Moscow, the Russian foreign ministry turned to Twitter for a counter offensive.

It gets better.

The Swedish foreign minister Carl Bildt jumped in, not exactly to McFaul’s defense, with this ditty.

Swedish foreign minister Carl Bildt tweet

Life is better than fiction.

IPOs Are Getting Their Mojo Back

That was the headline in USA Today less than two months ago on April 20.

USA Today article

It’s ironic that a company with 901 million users – kind of the ultimate in mojo – tanked the market.

Still, it strikes me as silly that the people who wanted to make a quick buck off of the Facebook IPO – the investment bankers and the stock flippers – could cause such a psychological tsunami.

Shouldn’t the financial performance of a company be judged over a longer time horizon than a few days?


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