Visual Storytelling Via Slideshare: ...


I got the SlideShare religion back in June.

The medium allows you to craft a story that the audience can consume in a few minutes. Plus, you gain another digital touch point that easily integrates into your overall social media strategy.

We’ve used SlideShare as a tool to evangelize the power of storytelling in the deck “Aligning PR with Storytelling for the Happily Ever After.”

Now, we’re taking a different approach with the platform, translating the blog post “10 Ways Communicators Must Evolve: 4 Perspectives on 4 Communication Issues” into “SlideSharese.”

Does this deck reflect the true essence of storytelling?

It certainly isn’t Hemingway or even Elmore Leonard.

But by applying storytelling techniques – contrast, the unexpected, a pinch of levity, etc. – to a visual depiction of the content, we’ve created a business story with an entertainment dimension.

That’s the direction we’re taking our clients as well.


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