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Most PR consultancies implement some type of PR program for themselves.

Few PR consultancies embrace advertising as part of their outbound arsenal to raise awareness and build their brands.

In our quest to punch above our weight when it comes to the world order of PR companies, we believe advertising has place in the mix.

As part of celebrating our 30-year anniversary later this year, we’ve captured our advertising efforts that go back to the 1990s.


Join The Journey

I’ve pointed out that recruitment ads in general have all the pizzazz of a CPA offsite.

This recruitment ad for Europe sold the Agency’s culture rather than a specific job. Got a kick out of touting benefits that include every account professional receiving a portable computer. Whoot Whoot!


We Get Storytelling

In spite of every communications agency with a pulse boasting about its storytelling prowess, we believe there’s still an opportunity to use storytelling as a differentiator. Part of how we do this involves taking an academic-like approach to the construction of stories, teased out in this ad on the classic story arc. I’ve always liked the phrase, “bad stuff.” Sounds like something Dennis Hopper would say.


Moon Shot

OK, this isn’t exactly an ad, but it does show how our visual storytelling has evolved over time.

We pushed this GIF through our social channels last November to commemorate the moon being the closest to earth in 70 years. We’ve got a little time to refresh the creative since this won’t happen again until 2034.


Can Your Customers See the Benefits?

Your eyes aren’t deceiving you.

The Agency ran an advertising campaign on CNBC Asia in 2003, sharing the stage with the likes of Credit Suisse and the Tourism Authority of Thailand. I had hoped for James Earl Jones for the narration, but he was a tad out of our price range.

In the spirit of full disclosure, landing CNBC as a client in Asia included a “door” into broadcast advertising. Still, the 15-second spot — “Can your customers see the benefits of your technology?” — holds up 14 years later.


Building a Public Profile on a Global Stage

Since we expanded overseas in 1996, our global capabilities have been key to punching above our weight.

As with PR campaigns, we strive for a conversational voice which means using phrases like “get noticed” over “build your public profile.”


Stand Out in China

We’ve also created several ads that focus on Asia, or even China, like this one.

A spirited discussion went into creating the right image for this ad. Until you’re immersed in the creative process, you don’t realize how easy it is to fall into the cliché trap. We settled on the Terracotta Warriors.


Now Hiring Design Intern

Here’s another recruitment ad, this one on the hunt for design talent.

Taking liberties with a Swiss Army Knife nicely communicates that we value versatility.


Toto, I have a feeling we’re not in Kansas Anymore

Even if you’ve never watched “The Wizard of Oz,” the headline still does the job.

The creative for this ad comes from my personal experiences. Even after 50+ treks to Asia, there’s still a feeling of landing in a different universe.

Back to the question —

What happens when the cobbler’s kids wear someone else’s shoes?

I think it’s fair to say that we’ve remained upright.

I also think touching the world of advertising helps us across all forms of communications.

We would never pretend to be an advertising agency. Still, we continue to advance our skills in harmonizing words and visuals.


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