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Friday Levity” returns on Thursday (not┬ánecessarily back by popular demand).

Check out the following photo from a Chinese website selling English language lessons.

funny asian ad

Always good for models in an advertisement to exude friendliness.

The fellow waving “hi” to the reader looks fine.

But the girl’s wave is so close to her face it looks like she’s thumbing her nose at the reader (missing the old nose by an inch or so.)

This prompted me to pull up the definition of:

“thumb one’s nose at someone or something”

1. Lit. to show a sign of derision at someone or something by placing the thumb to the side of the nose. (Often while wiggling the other fingers of the hand.) Don’t thumb your nose at me unless you want a fight. Fred thumbed his nose at the car as it drove off.
2. Fig. to dismiss someone or something as worthless, verbally. Walter thumbed his nose at Fred and asked the gang to send someone else to do the job. She thumbed her nose at the whole idea.
See also: nose, thumb

(From http://idioms.thefreedictionary.com/thumb+nose+at.)

Whether you prefer the literal or figurative definition, I suspect this isn’t what the company had in mind.

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