Why Should We Care ...


Two recent hires asked if they could push out their start dates by a week. They explained that a three-week notice period would be a huge help with their current employers.

We needed both of these individuals yesterday. Why should we care about easing the pain of two competitors?

Yet, we agreed to the extra notice.

Both staff members officially start today.

The communications business is not a zero-sum game; the opportunity is there for multiple winners. We can compete like hell for clients and even talent, but there’s something to be said for supporting each other and advocating for the profession. The PR Council under Kim Sample offers Exhibit A of what this looks like in practice. Fred Bateman putting together an industry survey on his own time (and dime) is another example.

Back to the notice period —

I recognize that once an employee has resigned, there’s a mindset shift. Extending the runway for lame-duck status too far doesn’t serve anyone. I’m not debating how long is an appropriate notice period. Instead, I’m suggesting if a new hire asks for an extra week at the old company, the default shouldn’t be an automatic “no.”

Consider it a deposit in the karma bank.


  • Richard Cook

    Speaks volumes. Great post. Hiring someone whose employer wants them to stay for a couple of weeks, and who is prepared to ask their new employer if they can do that, suggests that you got the hiring right.


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