Wing Wah Egg Roll ...


When it comes to reviewing egg roll cookies, Janice Leung at the South China Morning Post plays rough.

Here’s a breakdown of her narrative on the Wing Wah product:

Don’t get too excited about the retro red and violet tin.

Always good to set expectations from the outset.

Known for its classic Chinese pastries such as mooncakes and the flaky wife’s cake, Wing Wah egg rolls are a disappointment.

I don’t know. Your son or daughter getting a C in math a disappointment. A cookie, not so much.

With a colour reminiscent of cardboard, the layers are hard and rolled much too tightly.

Nothing worse than an uptight cookie.

Each bite requires effort, which is not repaid by the taste.

Like the way Ms. Leung brings a sensory dimension to the review.

The sweetness is overwhelming and there is no aroma to speak of.

Lo be it for me to defend Wing Wah, but I’m not looking for smell in my cookies.

It’s also the most expensive of the five. Avoid.

And that’s an order.

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