Word Choice Makes A ...


I mentioned I spoke at a conference last week in Asheville, North Carolina.

In the course of exploring Asheville after the conference, my wife Heather and I landed at the Tupelo Honey Cafe for breakfast.

To borrow from Crocodile Dundee, “Now that’s a biscuit … with homemade blueberry jam.”

I chased the biscuit with an order of sweet potato pancakes and coffee and was properly fortified for the day (carbo packed in honor of the New York Marathon).

It turns out the restaurant takes an equally fresh approach to communications.

Conversational language sets the tone on the home page:

tupolo honey cafe


But check out the feedback card:


cool comment  card

They don’t go down the dull path of calling it a comment card or a customer survey.

Three simple words -“Speak Your Mind” – change the whole vibe.

Now, look at the other side of the card:

coolcomment card

I love this.

“Awesome” instead of “excellent.”

“Not so much” instead of “poor.”

It shows even one word can make a difference in the perception created through communications.

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