Archive: November 2008


Six Competencies of the Next Generation News Organization

The Media Management Center at Northwestern University recently came out with a report called “Six Competencies of the Next Generation News Organizations“. The introduction scopes the report’s objective: Advances in technology continue to spur great innovation in media — especially in the news industry. At the same time, these rapid-fire innovations have upended the ways …more

When Business Leaders Show Humanity

The recent BusinessWeek piece titled “BitTorrent’s Bram Coen Isn’t Limited by Asperger’s” got my attention. The inventor of the technology that brought digital movie sharing into the mainstream let the world know he suffers from Asperger’s syndrome. The painfully honest profile intersperses good, bad and not-so-pretty elements: “For Cohen, this has been a fraught journey into the sometimes …more

Obama’s Infomercial Offers Lesson in Storytelling

I tend to associate infomercials with Ginsu knives and historical videos on World War II. Obviously, the Barack Obama infomercial that aired last month was not in the order-now-and-get-free-shipping genre.   Putting politics aside, the video comes across as a powerful communications vehicle. How can you go wrong with world-class production quality, panoramic views of “amber waves of …more