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Top Five Elements That Have Shaped Quest for Creativity

Newsweek’s cover story on “The Creativity Crisis” caused me to reflect on the forces that have shaped my own approach to creativity. Here’s my top-five list with a touch of psychoanalysis: Self esteem from Mom and Dad: Hate to start on a syrupy note, but my parents stayed on message until I moved out for college: “Anything is possible with hard work.” …more

Chicken Gone Bad

I’ve decided to live on the edge. By eschewing a SEO-friendly headline, I run the risk of attracting readers researching salmonella in poultry. When this post actually reflects a rumble through the KFC website where I came across a section called “Picnic Planning.” At this point I’m thinking this could make a terrific mini case study on …more

Revisiting the Disconnect Between PR and Bloggers

I’ve noticed a spike of recent attention devoted to building relationships with bloggers. One of the better ones came from Gini Dietrich and her interview with Mickie Kennedy from eReleases. With this in mind, I’ve dusted off a previous post that addresses this very topic: Robert Scoble, the poster child for escaping corporate cubedom for the virtual pulpit, penned a post titled …more

Top Storytelling Posts From First Half Of 2010

Are we really at the midway point of 2010? In honor of the milestone, I’ve captured my personal eight – lucky in Chinese numerology – favorites from the first half of the year. 1) Communicating with Fresh and Compelling Language This was my first edition of “Moes Takes,” a vehicle to call out clever quotes in stories …more