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Visual Storytelling Via Slideshare: How Communicators Should Evolve

I got the SlideShare religion back in June. The medium allows you to craft a story that the audience can consume in a few minutes. Plus, you gain another digital touch point that easily integrates into your overall social media strategy. We’ve used SlideShare as a tool to evangelize the power of storytelling in the deck “Aligning …more

The Story Is Always There

I was honored that Kathy Hansen invited me to participate in her Q&A series. She asked me to share one piece of advice or wisdom on storytelling. My response – The story is always there. I truly believe this. Every company has something compelling to say. But like discovery in the legal sphere, it can …more

Condiment War Unleashes Unsavory Diatribe

National Mustard Day took place on August 7. Who knew? I got a kick out of the City of Middleton’s proclamation. Typically, these types of proclamations are the epitome of dull, paying proper homage to the topic at hand and being careful not to offend anyone. Not the case for the mustard evangelists. It’s not enough …more

Reuters EIC: "The Conversation About The Story Is As Important As The Story Itself"

Talk about the future of journalism often takes on a victim-istic tenor. That’s why the post from Reuters EIC David Schlesinger “Changing Journalism; Changing Reuters” stands out. Rather than lament, he’s charging the hill. There’s poetic sensibility in his words: Knowing the story is not enough. Telling the story is only the beginning. The conversation …more

ESPN Suggests Storytelling Is A Girl Thing

The New York Times reported on Friday that ESPN plans to launch espnW. That’s right. An all-sports channel totally focused on serving one audience: women. ESPN has cracked the code when it comes to extending its brad to sub-audiences. By 2020, I’m predicting the launch of espnBB, programming rich in shuffle board, darts and other sports easy on the …more

Compelling Broadcast Storytelling

This guest post comes from Sheri Baer who heads our broadcast practice. She shares a behind-the-scenes look at one particular client’s story and how the humanity played out in both print and broadcast media. As broadcast director at The Hoffman Agency, it’s my job to get executives on TV. I spent 13 years working on …more

Applying Storytelling Techniques To Corporate Blogging

Blogging is the new black at corporations. Everyone is doing it. And it’s not just large companies that fall under the technology umbrella. Want to know what’s on the mind of Bill Marriott and the “wacky” world of hotels –  latest post titled “Honesty Is The Best Policy” – no problem. It makes sense. After …more

McKinsey Correlates Storytelling To Leaders Who Inspire

I’m always on the hunt for the science that demonstrates the power of storytelling. This McKinsey article, “Revealing Your Moment of Truth” (requires registration), doesn’t get into the science but it’s damn compelling in connecting storytelling to leadership. The lead graph sets the stage in a way that probably has a few McKinsey-ites shuddering in …more

One Asset From Twitter’s New CEO Receives Scant Attention

The media and twitterverse has been abuzz with the news that Dick Costolo has replaced Evan Williams as Twitter’s new head honcho. Most of the coverage has focused on Costolo’s operations acumen and, specifically, if his leadership will cause those pesky API-problem or traffic-overload messages to go away. Everyone has missed one of Costolo’s greatest assets, communications. He is a …more