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Tips For Promoting Clients Via Twitter

Jeff Vance has figured out PR is not the enemy. He’s the guy behind Sandstorm Media, a service that straddles the line between journalism and content marketing. As a contributor to publications ranging from to Network World, his database of PR contacts essentially serves as a tool for crowd sourcing story ideas and industry …more

Storytelling On Bloomberg TV Deviates From Traditional Terminal Business

The New York Times recently wrote about Bloomberg TV’s quest for a larger audience. Trevor Fellows, an exec with Bloomberg Media Group, brashly stated: “We want to be the most influential business television station there is.” He goes on to say, “We’re fiercely independent, fiercely rational.” Somehow, I don’t think this was a dig at …more

Terrific Review Of Kissinger Book (But What’s With The Photos Of Henry Hanging With Chicks?)

When it comes to writing that amuses, Christopher Buckley makes my top-10 list. “Thank You For Smoking” should be required reading for anyone contemplating the communications profession. The scene when the PR guy for the tobacco industry turns the table on the senator from Wisconsin by spotlighting artery-clogging cheese is a classic. Buckley’s review of the book “On China …more

PR Utopia

  Observing the spate of recent public debacles has caused me to revisit what makes for the most effective outbound communications. At the 10K-foot level, it requires the management of a company and the communications function to be on the same page. I’m not talking about being in sync with regards to the pristine messages in a news release. …more

Three Questions for J Professor and Storytelling Evangelist Don Ranley

Don Ranley taught at the Missouri School of Journalism for 32 years. He has conducted more than 1,000 writing, editing and publishing seminars. And let’s not forget he reported for the “The Catholic Herald Citizen” (weekly, circ. 180,000) in Milwaukee from 1966-1967. In short, here’s a guy who’s knows a thing or two about storytelling. I connected with Don last week after …more

Revisiting The Debate On Paid Media Versus Owned Media

The quandary on how to best deploy different media types to build brands will be with us for some time. Just because Facebook worked in Egypt doesn’t automatically mean the platform positions your company as revolutionary. By virtue of being part art part science and the dynamic nature of the internet, there’s plenty of complexity in the media …more

Five Interviewing Techniques for Corporate Storytelling

I’m convinced the craft of interviewing is one of the most undervalued skills in corporate storytelling. Consider PR’s version of what came first, the chicken or the egg. Would you rather enjoy an excellent relationship with a journalist, but be stuck with lame content? Or would you rather have man-bites-dog content, but no relationship with the journalist? I’ll take the …more

The Anecdote Earns Assist in Jason Kidd Story

Long-form journalism remains a mainstay of sports. I consider Sports Illustrated one of those pleasures up there with the “Dining Section” in the New York Times and the Red Sea blend from Philz Coffee. A story in last week’s edition on Jason Kidd called “The Old Man And The Heat,” caught my attention. First, it’s great to see …more