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Rationalizing Time Earmarked For Social Media

We already know participating in social media requires time. But how many of us scrutinize the ROI associated with this time? I hadn’t until a friend and colleague asked me the following questions: It’s obvious you’ve made a commitment to social media. How do you justify the time? Can you attribute new clients to your …more

Translating Infographic On Storytelling Techniques Into Video

We posted our infographic called “Storytelling vs. Corporate Speak” last week. In brainstorming a communications push behind the infogrpaphic with social media guru Steve Farnsworth, he suggested developing supporting assets like a video. Rather than put me on video pontificating about the infographic – not good TV, to be kind – we decided to take a …more

Infographic: Storytelling Vs. Corporate Speak

Visual storytelling demands a place in any organization’s business communications. Photos, graphics, charticles – apparently, when it comes to fish, what happens in Vegas does not stay in Vegas – etc. all provide storytelling fodder. Which brings me to the infographic. You could make an argument that the infographic is the new black. Beyond the visual appeal, …more

Should a CEO Be Blasted For Dull Clichés?

I’ve been considering this question since August 22, 2011. That’s when The Financial Times column, “Chief Googler’s ‘amazing’ clichés are dull and void” appeared. Lucy Kellaway took Larry Page to task for his poor communications on the Motorola acquisition. Channeling high school biology, she dissected the following statement from Page phrase by bloody phrase: “Together, …more

The Power Of Content Not In The Public Domain

Yesterday’s Wall Street Journal carried the story, “A Kenmore Fridge, at Costco?” No, I’m not tracking the white goods sector with a keen eye. It’s the sourcing of the story – Sears plans to sell its Kenmore brand of appliances through other retailers – that got my attention. How does the Journal know this? Check …more

The Best Storytelling On Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs offers so many classic story angles, not the least being the prodigal son banished only to return the “homeland” to glory. As discussed last week, he knew how to cultivate Apple’s story in a way that had little to do with words. But what about the third-party storytelling on Mr. Jobs? I’ve culled through the …more

Replacing Narrative Cultivated By Steve Jobs Will Be Tougher Than The Product Roadmap

Everyone refers to Steve Jobs as the consummate showman. Not true. He is the consummate storyteller with “showmanship” just one way to accentuate a given story. Paul Theroux, in the recent issue of Newsweek, noted: “… while the computer world gained a supergeek, the literary world might have lost a powerful storyteller.” I don’t know about “the …more

Crisp Writing Shapes Steve Jobs’s Resignation Letter

Given Mr. Jobs’s communications acuity, it’s no surprise his resignation letter tells a crisp and understated story. Here’s the text of the letter in its entirety: To the Apple Board of Directors and the Apple Community: I have always said if there ever came a day when I could no longer meet my duties and …more