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Occupy Wall Street Movement Hits Home (literally)

The Occupy Wall Street movement continues to grow. It’s one thing to crowd source a speaking pulpit in New York. But the movement has picked up momentum weaving its way to cities across the country. In the latest sign that these “people” aren’t going away, Occupy Wall Street set up camp at The Hoffman Agency yesterday. You can see …more

The New York Times: All The News That’s Fit To Entertain

I was catching up on Charlie Rose segments and came across a recent interview with Jill Abramson, executive editor of The New York Times. The interview offered yet another proof point on the importance of storytelling in cracking the mainstream media. Check out this exchange. Charlie: How does Jill Abramson see the mission of The New York Times? Jill: I see the …more

Decentralizing the Communications Effort

In a world where a tweet or a Tumblr or a teenage blogger in Iowa can make a difference in the perception of a brand, The PR function alone can’t sustain outbound communications. The McKinsey Quarterly published an article “We’re All Marketers Now” which caught my attention. If you replace “marketing” with “communications” and replace “customers” with “influencers,” the …more

If You Care About Storytelling, Bookmark “Why’s This So Good?"

Don’t let the words fool you. This isn’t the latest addition to the Food Network. “Why’s This So Good?” comes from Nieman Storyboard, part of the Nieman Foundation for Journalism at Harvard. Enjoyed the way Andrea Pitzer describes the new feature: “… we thought it would be intriguing to host a series of one-off posts by …more

Revisiting How Organizations Tell Their Stories

Most organizations waste the “About Us” section on their web sites. This is the property’s big moment to woo you. If there was ever a place on a web site to apply storytelling techniques, it’s here. Yet, the section typically regurgitates the company party line. I’m going to periodically take a look at an organization’s “About Us” section. Today’s “lucky” …more

MIT’s Technology Review Reflects on Steve Jobs, the Storyteller

Many of the articles on the passing of Steve Jobs highlighted his Stanford commencement speech and his gift for storytelling. I raked the media coverage to see if anyone actually focused on his communications expertise. A few did with the best one ironically coming from MIT’s media property, Technology Review. David Zax penned a post …more

A Troubled Nation Needs a Real Leader, Not a Storyteller

That’s the subhead for a Wall Street Journal column crafted by Peggy Noonan earlier in the month. It triggered over 700 posted comments which says something about the topic. After her preamble that patriotism is alive and well even as the country struggles to find its mojo, we get to the heart of the matter: “Are those …more

May Steve Jobs Rest in Peace

So many great stories and memories on Steve Jobs have been shared over the past 24 hours. As you would expect, Journal colunnist Walt Mossberg crafts a fitting tribute on Steve the person. My favorite visual goes back to his “kid days” when he landed on the cover of Time Magazine. Given Steve’s storytelling acuity, he …more

Open Letter To Art Howe On Public Relations And Image Restoration

Dear Artie, It is OK to call you Artie? Anyway, I’ll get to the point. Your rush to join the talk-show circuit after the debut of “Money Ball” generated some good news and bad news. Let’s start with the good news. You didn’t send your wife to do your bidding and talk to the media. Thank goodness you’re a student of …more