May Steve Jobs Rest ...


So many great stories and memories on Steve Jobs have been shared over the past 24 hours.

As you would expect, Journal colunnist Walt Mossberg crafts a fitting tribute on Steve the person.

My favorite visual goes back to his “kid days” when he landed on the cover of Time Magazine.

Given Steve’s storytelling acuity, he provided plenty of fodder for this forum over the years.

Here are three posts from the archives:

To borrow words, he was “insanely great.”


  • Evelyn

    Apparently, he pitched himself to TIME i.e. he owns that relationship with TIME:

    It does make you think that when was the last time, a CEO did that, or ever did that for that matter?

  • Lou Hoffman

    Great anecdotes on the importance that he placed on public relations.

    I can believe he worked his own relationships with TIME.

    But I suspect he wasn’t in a position to secure a cover story with TIME back in 1982.

  • Lou Hoffman

    A good friend Steve Fower passed along the following tribute which I wanted to share others–

    iStudied Fortran in the ’70’s and was not overly impressed.

    iReviewed DOS in the early 1980’s and wasn’t impressed.

    iWas thrilled when Apple delivered a workable GUI.

    iPurchased a Mac and a LaserWriter in 1985.


    iHave used Macs to run many businesses.

    iEndured teasing by my DOS loving CPA.

    iSuffered my CPA’s jokes about my mouse, desktop, folders, and files.

    iAm pleased to say I’ve owned over 30 Macs.

    iHave owned one or more iPhones, iPads, and iPods.

    iHave used Apple devices for years in all forms of communication.

    iCut my WYSIWYG teeth on MacWrite and MacDraw.

    iStill use iTunes and Filemaker Pro.

    iLove my MacBook Pro.

    iFowler’s life was impacted by the life of Jobs.

    iFowler’s life was enriched by the life of Jobs.

    iThank you Steve! Rest in peace.

    Steve Fowler


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