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Have You Heard of Pearned Media?

It’s one of my nine predictions for the communications industry in 2013, that “pearned media” will enter the vernacular. What is it? You know about paid media, owned media and earned media. “Pearned media” is when a publication so deftly blends earned media (journalism) with paid media that the reader can’t distinguish between the two. …more

Best Storytelling Posts From Ishmael’s Corner in 2012 (part II )

I shared the first half of my favorite posts from 2012 on Monday. I say “favorite” because I based the selection on what I found amusing, not most views. The second part of the list follows: 6. Why Journalists Get Cranky About PR I didn’t throw the junior account person under the bus, but I did …more

Best Storytelling Posts From Ishmael’s Corner in 2012 (Part I)

It’s been a good year for storytelling. One can argue storytelling has become the “new black.” If that’s true and you buy into the premise that a rising tide lifts all vessels including the humble canoe, then that explains our readership increasing by more than 50 percent. Many thanks for stopping by. In the spirit …more

Three Terrific Articles on the Science Behind Storytelling Techniques

I’m always on the lookout for information that explains the science behind why storytelling resonates. The article in Lifehacker, “Why Telling a Story is the Most Powerful Way to Activate Our Brains” by Leo Widrich does exactly that. And you don’t need to be cognitive neurologist to understand it. Here’s the thrust: “If we listen …more

Storytelling in Leadership

Do you remember the controversy when the book “Emotional Intelligence” by Daniel Goleman came out?” The idea that variables other than pure intellectual horsepower could have the same or even more impact on one’s success triggered quite a dialogue. So when Goleman recently penned a post on the relationship of storytelling to leadership, I paid …more

Four Contrarian Takes from Leadership Training

It’s been almost a year since I attended a leadership training session at an offsite for our Asia Pacific management team. The Center for Creative Leadership headed up the conference, and I kept a journal throughout the session. I refer to its content frequently. Given that I’m still thinking about the lessons, I thought a …more

Why Journalists Get Cranky About PR

I debated whether to write this post and actually decided to take a pass on it. Then, the same mass blast came to me a second time and prompted the change in heart. It’s more than sad when a PR company, in this case Media Connect (part of Finn Partners which sits under the Ruder …more

One Key to Blogging Success That Gets Little Respect

Everyone knows that compelling content – storytelling with a point of view – brings readers to a blog. Everyone knows that applying search engine optimization (SEO) expands readership for a blog. But no one talks about patience. I suppose patience isn’t very glamorous. Our society gravitates toward instant gratification and speed. Usain Bolt has become …more