Best Storytelling Posts from ...


After raking through 75 or so posts, I’ve captured what I consider to be my best storytelling posts (top 10) from the first half of the year.

While some got the nod from sheer popularity (number of views), others rated high on my personal amusement scale.

Here goes –

In the aftermath of the Sandy Hook tragedy, I was disgusted with the NRA’s defiant actions when it had an opportunity to facilitate constructive dialogue. This parody lays out how the head of the NRA and the PR function concluded a PR conference was in order. I thought our graphic said it all.

What Happened Before the NRA’s Press Conference

Andrew Mason’s farewell letter to the troops will find its way into MBA case studies. Nothing like a touch of levity to kick off the narrative.

“After four and a half intense and wonderful years as CEO of Groupon, I’ve decided that I’d like to spend more time with my family. Just kidding – I was fired today.”


From startup to dominant player in e-commerce,  Amazon has built its brand with a marathoner’s mentality. By reverse-engineering Amazon’s boilerplates in news releases since its founding in 1994, you can see how the Amazon brand evolved over time. As that Roman philosopher put it, “Greatness isn’t built in a day.”

Deviating from the standard fare, I share a story on business philosophy. It involves a former client’s head of PR who closed with this zinger,

“Lou, you know what your problem is?”

This SlideShare deck shares some of the science and anecdotal evidence on why storytelling techniques work.  It also reminds us that storytelling wins over corporate speak virtually every time (quarterly earnings news releases are one exception).

Tomorrow, we’ll roll out the rest of the list, which comes with a strong dose of visual storytelling techniques.

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