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With the World Sized up as Flat, Does the CEO’s Location Matter?

Evolving wisdom holds that the physical location of the CEO doesn’t matter anymore. With the advent of videoconferencing, emails, texting, Twitter, Facebook and other forms of digital communications, the CEO is always just a click away. Some CEOs don’t even keep a proper office, preferring to parachute into locations around the world and pull up …more

Jeremiah Owyang, Robert Scoble and the Proletarian on Social Media

Social media democratizes ____________ (fill in the blank). Anyone can express a viewpoint with the potential to reach far beyond their established “circles.” If Justine Sacco didn’t know that last week, I suspect she knows it now. We need to invent a word that combines the concept of viral and mob mentality. With Ms. Sacco’s …more

The Wall Street Journal Further Blends Native Advertising with Journalism

Love it. Hate it. Native advertising isn’t going away. Recognizing a new way to make the cash register go ka-ching, media properties have been implementing native advertising as fast as they can stuff the dollars into their pockets. You can’t really blame them. Eroding revenue over such a long period of time would cause a …more

Celebrity Journalists and the AllThingsD Saga

It looks like the Wall Street Journal is locked and loaded to separate from AllThingsD after the first of the year. According to Matthew Lynley at BuzzFeed, the Journal will launch a global technology coverage section called”WSJD” next month. Doesn’t quite have the same ring as AllThingsD though the Journal tried with that switched-on “D” …more

When “No Means No” in Business

Journalists might look at that headline and assume this is another post bashing PR for hounding journalists after their pitches have been rejected. That’s not where I’m coming from. Instead, I want to move away from storytelling for a minute and talk about the business side of a communications consultancy. Every professional services firm values …more

Best Business Storytelling Posts of 2013, Take Two

I shared the first half of my best 2013 posts on Monday. Again, “best” doesn’t mean most viewed. The algorithm that determines “best” puts a premium on personal amusement. With that as the backdrop, here’s the rest of the list: You Don’t Need New Hampshire to Find Your Voice Voice is tricky. It’s always there. …more

Top Business Storytelling Posts of 2013

I have ransacked my 2013 storytelling archive in putting together the top posts for 2013. When I say “top,” I don’t necessarily mean the most popular posts. Instead, I’m looking for takes that blend a distinctive point of view with a language twist (or two). Here comes the first half of the list – Dear …more

The Branding of Ron Burgundy Eschews Convention

You’re probably expecting me to spit out the seven lessons of branding from Ron Burgundy in a tidy row of bullets. Instead, there’s a more meaningful takeaway from the branding effort on Ron Burgundy and leading into the release of Anchorman 2 later this month. Zig when others zag. Like the science behind storytelling in …more

Digital Content Gives PR a Way To Declare Victory

Thanks to the Internet and the fact that virtually everyone conducts some form of online due diligence before making a purchase, the value of storytelling stands at an all-time high. I think this point gets lost among many jumping on the storytelling bandwagon. With content serving as the basis for online search, storytelling has gone from …more