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I have ransacked my 2013 storytelling archive in putting together the top posts for 2013.

When I say “top,” I don’t necessarily mean the most popular posts. Instead, I’m looking for takes that blend a distinctive point of view with a language twist (or two).

Here comes the first half of the list –

A search on Google will turn up more than 100 benefits derived from blogging. I don’t think I’ve ever seen “cathartic release” captured as one of the benefits. Yet, that was the case with this post. One particular startup CEO who shall remain nameless to protect the guilty delivered enough fodder to fill a book. I only had time to write a post.

First Time startup CEO

As my grandmother would have said if she were still alive, “Oy vey, these people are meshuggah.” As much as I take pains to say I’m a student of storytelling framed by business, that didn’t stop the National Storytelling Network from coming after me: “You, Mr. Hoffman, are no storyteller.” Rather than get defensive, I break down the initial email with the clinical detachment of a professor in his Sunday tweed jacket.

We’re fans of SlideShare, a poor man’s video in the hands of the right creative. This deck proves the sequel can outshine the original with the science and anecdotal evidence on why storytelling works. It also reminds us that storytelling wins over corporate speak virtually every time. I think it’s our best deck yet on the topic.

The Return of Storytelling vs. Corporate Speak from The Hoffman Agency

After reading the media criticize the Obama administration for being too good at owned media, I took a shot at predicting what’s next. The result – a bastardization of BuzzFeed called GovFeed where self deprecation is taken to the next level.


All global PR agencies can look alike. Yet, as one delves into the “sausage making” element of implementing global communication campaigns, real differences do surface. we took the liberty of showing a real-life example from one of our clients and how this experience might have played out at a mega shop.

I’ll publish the rest of the top 10 list on Wednesday.

Stay tuned to this channel.

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