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Ten Symbols That PR’s “Industrial Revolution” Is Underway

I hate hyperbole. But in this case, my hyperbolic headline — I do like alliteration — tells the truth. Today’s upheaval in the PR industry is redefining our business in a similar way that the industrial revolution retooled manufacturing. I’ve captured 10 symbols that remind us this isn’t our father’s PR industry. 1. Meet Max …more

One Action That Will Make Anyone in the Communications Business Smarter

When Warren Buffet spoke at Columbia University, a student asked what he could do now to prepare for a career in investing. As reported in the Omaha World Herald, Buffett thought for a few seconds and then reached for the stack of reports, trade publications and other papers he had brought with him. “Read 500 …more

To Borrow from a Poker Phrase — “All In With Storytelling”

I wrote a post  over a year ago called “Can Storytelling Differentiate a PR Agency? ” With seemingly every communications consultancy touting its storytelling prowess, I questioned whether those who buy communication services perceived storytelling expertise as a commodity. With that said, it seemed fair to say that no PR agency, including The Hoffman Agency, …more

Study Delivers Yet Another Proof Point That B2B Websites are Dreadful

The AdAge headline screamed “B-to-B Content Fails to Engage Users.” Forrester Research graded 30 B2B websites based on 10 criteria reflecting the engagement level of the content. The results weren’t pretty. With 30 points possible, the average score was a mere 12.8. “The biggest problem is that the majority of content talks about the company, …more

Eight “PR is Stranger Than Fiction” Predictions for 2015

After careful study, number crunching and extrapolation, I’ve concluded that 2015 will bring us several “PR moments.” As always, my predictions are for recreational purposes only. PR Agency Resigns from CPAP Machine Consortium   The advocacy group behind CPAP machines, the AFCPAP (Americans for continuous positive airway pressure) hires a PR agency to raise the …more