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I started the count down yesterday.

Today, I continue with the rest of my top 10 posts from 2011.

What’s The Story With Netflix?

You don’t hear complaints when Kellogg’s raises the price of Pop-Tarts. But the Netflix customer base responded to a price increase with the emotional fervor of a South American futbol match. After losing millions of customers, the company is still trying to recover … all because they weren’t straight with people from the beginning.

Q&A With 12-year-old Creator Of “Good Morning Geek,” Max Swisher 

Someday Max Swisher will be CEO of a venture-backed company with a breakthrough technology. In the meantime, he pens the blog Good Morning Geek. My Q&A with Max that touched on a range of topics – voice in storytelling, Robert Scoble and middle-school English to name a few – was one of the most popular posts of the year.

Alexander McCall Smith Offers Quick Perspective On “Word Craft” Post

This was pretty cool. Alexander McCall Smith actually dropped by the neighborhood to let me know I could “use adjectives carefully and to great effect.” I haven’t looked at an adjective the same way since.

The Best Storytelling On Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs offered so many classic story angles, not the least being the prodigal son banished only to return the “homeland” to glory. I wrote this post in September before he passed away, breaking down what I consider to be one of the best stories on Mr. Jobs from the master of storytelling, Malcolm Gladwell.

Infographic: Storytelling Vs. Corporate Speak

With the drama building, here’s the post that topped views for 2011. After assisting clients in creating infographics, we’ve created our own on storytelling (what a surprise). We contend there’s often a gap between the content developed by the PR function and the type of content needed by journalists, bloggers and other influencers. This infographic captures the disconnect.

If there’s a post you think belongs on the list, I welcome the input.

I wish everyone a healthy and prosperous narrative in 2012.



  • Paul Roberts

    Well, because you asked Lou…of the ones you list in part 2, Infographic: Storytelling Vs. Corporate Speak was one of my favorites.

    Among the others I would have suggested include:

    – Sports Illustrated Roots for Stories, Not the Team

    – Disconnect Between What Chief Marketing Officers Want In An Agency And What They Evaluate

    – Storytelling Can’t Help A Bad Product

    Happy New Year to you.


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