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Let Me Say What Every PR Person Thinks: "The Message Has No Clothes"

There. I’ve said it. Taking liberties with the Hans Christian Andersen emperor story, why do professional communicators continue to worship the message? Every PR agency offers a messaging workshop. Every corporate communications type has spent the requisite two agonizing days in a hotel conference room eating bridge mix while debating the merits of “innovate” over …more

Book Review: Entertainment Value Of "Tell To Win" Sugarcoats Lessons In Storytelling

Business needs more storytelling evangelists. They provide a counter balance to the “Corporate Drivel-ites.” Even before picking up the book “Tell to Win,” I’m thinking that Peter Guber serving as the face for the storytelling movement is a good thing. He’s got the street cred, having penned “The Four Truths of Storytelling” for Harvard Business …more

"Word Craft" Column Offers Welcome Addition to Wall Street Journal

I must have missed the memo. Late last year The Wall Street Journal added a column to its weekend lineup called “Word Craft.” Lest you find the above sentence on the understated side, consider the October  “Word Craft” contribution, “Block That Adjective!” by Alexander McCall Smith. If you’re going to pen a column about concise …more

Revisiting The Connection Between Trust And Storytelling

Perhaps 2011 will go down as the “Year of Storytelling.” Peter Guber’s much anticipated book “Tell To Win” officially comes out on March 1 (book review in the works). Plus, I’ve noticed more dialog within the business community on storytelling – more specifically, does it work? That’s really the ultimate question and one that inevitably surfaces when I’m …more

My "Aha! Moment" In Storytelling

Like most “older” PR professionals, I was raised in the command-and-control era of communications. I remember my first experience observing the senior guys conducting media training for a client. It was all about pummeling the spokesperson into submission to stay on message. While the trainers were having fun – the PR version of running a torture chamber …more

To Not Storytell Deprives Readers Of The Ability To Understand

If you’re a communicator or care about communications, the Nieman Journalism Lab should be on your radar. The media property does a terrific job of probing journalism from all directions. A Friday article, Covering a Crisis More Like Molasses than Quicksand, that looks at the challenges for journalists in covering a “never-ending” crisis caught my attention. Think BP …more

Nancy Duarte Talk Shines Spotlight On Storytelling

It was standing room only at the Agency’s “Playing Field” yesterday to hear Nancy Duarte share her wisdom on how to create a presentation that grabs the audience by the scruff of the neck. Most communicators know Nancy from her breakthrough book, slide:ology. She recently published book No. 2, resonate, which dives into the type of content that …more

A Little About My Story

A Korean publication has asked me to pen a column that offers an insider’s view of Silicon Valley. No question, the business of technology has been globalized with innovation coming from all parts of the world. At the same time, I think it’s fair to say that Silicon Valley, this strip of land that stretches roughly …more