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Trump’s Job Description for Press Secretary: “Make Communications Great Again”

Communications debacle after debacle have riddled the Trump administration, the latest involving the firing of FBI Director James Comey. TIME Magazine called the Comey firing “a gross miscalculation, like reaching for the gasoline can in order to extinguish a grease fire.” Naturally, Trump’s knee-jerk reaction was to throw press secretary Sean Spicer under the bus. …more

The “Secret Sauce” in Silicon Valley Isn’t American.

The United States houses roughly 5 percent of the world’s population. It stands to reason that many ideas for recasting technology to improve our daily lives and business operations will come from those born outside the U.S. That’s why the hoopla around President Trump’s immigration policy is so threatening to Silicon Valley. I’m surprised his …more

U.S. Journalists Poke “the Bear” with a Digital Stick.

The Columbia Journalism Review published an open letter to President Trump earlier this week before the official inauguration which of course takes place later today.We already know what Trump thinks of journalists. Let’s put it this way. His campaign rhetoric never included the slogan, “Make journalism great again.” And we now know what journalists think …more

Conversational Language as a Differentiator?

That’s the point from last week’s Wall Street Journal column, “The Way Trump Talks,” by Daniel Henninger. Henninger believes that language, specifically conversational language, could turn the election in Trump’s favor and that people have responded to Trump’s blunt language to the point of being oblivious to the content. “Many people today think food isn’t …more

White House Cracks Techmeme Leaderboard

I don’t think Rem Rieder, editor of the American Journalism Review, is going to be happy. Rieder penned a viewpoint piece for USA Today last year that spanked the Obama administration for bypassing the media for its own channels of communications: “The Obama administration is deep-freezing the news media because it can. It’s nothing new …more

BuzzFeed Meets White House.

The White House has gone all in with owned media, recently adding Tumblr to its arsenal of 17 social media properties. It’s only a matter of time before Team Obama starts poaching talent from BuzzFeed. By studying the trajectory of the White House’s investment in owned media, we can predict what such a property would …more

Owned Media Alters Balance of Power Between President Obama and Journalists.

Rem Rieder from American Journalism Review penned a viewpoint in USA Today last week that criticized President Obama for cutting down access to journalists. The supporting proof points highlighted by Rieder: Short Q&A sessions have always served as a forum for the President to weigh in on timely issues. George W. Bush, who wasn’t exactly …more