Test Your Knowledge of ...



I moved to Silicon Valley during the summer of 1981.

I had no clue that IBM would introduce the personal computer a few weeks later and the microprocessor was on its way to rock-star status.

Rewinding the tape to the early days, I’ve created a name game that pulls from all aspects of the Silicon Valley scene, milestones, communications, journalism and life-is-better-than-fiction stuff. For those who live in Silicon Valley, there are some softballs in the bunch. Still, I managed to avoid the “invented Moore’s Law that postulates the power of computers will roughly double every two years.”

Good luck!

A historical footnote —

When I first arrived in Silicon Valley I peddled industrial chemicals to a range of companies including restaurants. I count Chuck E. Cheese as one of my early wins. I befriended a store manager who would ply me with free tokens during my weekly stop. I must say I became quite skilled at Centipede.

I view this blog as a laboratory and consider this post as an experiment. Where’s my lab coat (38 short)?




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