The Return of Storytelling ...


Our infographic that contrasted storytelling with corporate speak seemed to resonate with the outside world.

People recognize that gluing together facts and figures makes for dull information.

Since publishing the infographic, we’ve seen talk – and chatter in social media channels – evangelizing the value of storytelling in business accelerate. Dare I say, storytelling has become the “new black” in communications.

Building on the infographic, this SlideShare captures some of the science and anecdotal evidence on why storytelling works.

I think it’s our best deck on storytelling yet.

Hopefully, it serves as a reminder that storytelling wins over corporate speak virtually every time, with the quarterly earnings release being one exception (probably better to keep storytelling out of the hands of the CFO anyway).

As the deck concludes:

Just say NO to corporate speak.

Note: You might want to check out our first Slideshare on storytelling, “Aligning PR with Storytelling for the Happily Ever After


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