Storytelling Through a Business Prism


“Dirty Rhetoric” Delivers Clean Path to Better Communication

I came across Gavin McMahon last year, listening to his webinar on presentations. Shockingly, he offered fresh takes. Better yet, he stayed away from the typical “use visuals, not bullets” and “don’t read your slides” and “don’t jingle the coins in your pocket” drivel that dominates 99 percent of the advice on presentations. His roadmap …more

Facebook and Twitter: Friend, Foe or Media Property?

Last year I wrote that PR should be treating Facebook like a media property. While you can’t pitch Facebook — the  “Dear Zuck, next week company XYZ will announce the world’s first …” isn’t going to work — the fact that Facebook generates up to 20 percent of the traffic to news sites bears attention. …more

10 B2B Companies Who Don’t Waste the Precious Online Real Estate, “About Us.”

Every company website features an “About Us” section. Sometimes, it goes by a different name. Our Story. Corporate Overview. Company Info. Etc. Nomenclature aside, all strive to give the visitor a look inside the company, explaining its business, its values and what makes it tick. Naturally, it hopes to make a positive impression. Better yet, …more

PR Interviewing Tips to Dig Out the Good Stuff for Media Relations

I’ve said this before and continue to believe it. The PR profession under-appreciates interviewing expertise. It starts in college. Try to find a curriculum for mass communications or PR that offers a class on interviewing. Good luck. Every journalism program in the country tackles the art of the interview like this one from the University …more

A Peek Behind the BuzzFeed Curtain

BuzzFeed has cracked the code on how to attract an audience. This is a media property that regularly generates over 200 billion video views per month and over 50 million unique monthly visitors. Thanks to BuzzFeed, the listicle has become de rigueur for those charged with owned media and social channels. Of course, it’s the BF algorithm — …more

Most Native Advertising Fails Because It’s Not Native (or Good)

Remember when native advertising promised to rescue online media with a legit revenue stream? Putting the poster children of native advertising such as BuzzFeed, The Atlantic and The New York Times to the side, most of the content is downright dreadful. The defenders are quick to say it’s early days, but its’ been a good …more

The 12 Weirdest “National Days” Reveal Potential PR Strategy

Think about the attention that rains down on moms every “Mother’s Day.” Or the amount of money shelled out for chocolate, flowers and other sundry items for Valentine’s Day. Now imagine establishing a national day as a means to elevate a brand, product or issue. Before writing this off as PR once again going off …more

The Perfect Tool to Ease PR and Other Marketing Types into the World of SEO

Google wants the best content to win. When a person clicks on the Page 1 results from a Google search and finds useful information, that constitutes a win. As shared in previous posts, Google’s increasing emphasis on content over technical gamesmanship is a good thing for communications professionals. Still, there’s more to it than crafting …more