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Google Invests In Traditional Media To Tell Its Story

Google is getting serious about advertising in traditional media. It seems like whenever I watch TV or pick up a magazine, I come across a Google ad. At first, the ads focused on Google+, which makes sense. With so much at stake in social networking and Facebook’s head start, Google wants to accelerate its position. But it …more

How Social Are The Global PR Agencies?

That’s the question that The Holmes Report set out to answer. To put science behind the quest, Holmes engaged Sociagility which measured each global agency’s social media footprint.  Sociagility uses what it calls the PRINT social media performance measurement methodology.  The PRINT Index measures five attributes of social media performance – popularity, receptiveness, interaction, network …more

Wing Wah Egg Roll Cookies Get No Love From South China Morning Post

When it comes to reviewing egg roll cookies, Janice Leung at the South China Morning Post plays rough. Here’s a breakdown of her narrative on the Wing Wah product: Don’t get too excited about the retro red and violet tin. Always good to set expectations from the outset. Known for its classic Chinese pastries such …more

Creator Of Sony Wedding At CES Shares Back-story

Weddings take place in Vegas every day. Yet, I think I can safely say the Sony wedding at CES between the TV and Internet was a first. I promised last week to investigate the wedding and report back to you. Conversations with sources led me to Ray Hartjen, senior PR manager at Sony Electronics who teamed with Rob …more

Sony Shows Storytelling Guts in Vegas Wedding

Big companies gravitate toward the status quo. Big companies also typically take themselves way too seriously. That’s why it was refreshing to see Sony take a chance and yes, have some fun, holding a wedding in Vegas yesterday between Bravia (Television) and SEN (Internet). You can find the back stories in the form of a scrapbook. Naturally, the …more

Storytelling From Southwest Airlines Brings Out Its Humanity

We recently completed a brand audit for a company outside the tech sector. To borrow from the legal profession, I love the “discovery” that comes from this type of work. In talking to the executives about branding, Southwest Airlines kept surfacing. It’s impressive how Southwest has carved out a distinctive position in the mind of …more

Evolving The Blog In 2012

I said I would experiment in 2011, and experiment I did. Most experiments involved exploring media-like qualities like books reviews, interviews and reverse-engineering storytelling in the media. I think it’s fair to say these types of posts added a touch of panache to this corner. I also learned that crafting a proper Q&A from a …more