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Four Reasons to Invest in Corporate Blogging

Corporate marketing and PR types pay attention to the business section in USA Today. How else do you explain the questions coming our way on whether corporate blogging is worth the effort that started when USA Today published “More companies quit blogging, go with Facebook instead”? First off, this story has nothing to do with …more

Field Of Blogging Dreams, Fast Company On Storytelling, And Belly Fat

I find these grab-bag posts work as a way to share information and thoughts that individually aren’t rich enough to justify a standalone post. Three quick vignettes: Corporate Blogging: Not a Field of Dreams Between our corporate blogging workshops and consulting on the topic, we find this visual makes a good springboard into discussions. USA …more

USA Today Ombudsman To The Rescue In Corporate Blogging Story

USA Today published a story on corporate blogging last week. The journalist asked us for input. One of our comments made the actual article. So far, so good. It’s not every day a communications consultancy makes the USA Today Money section (albeit below the fold). We’re doing more work in the area of corporate blogging …more

Evolving The Blog In 2012

I said I would experiment in 2011, and experiment I did. Most experiments involved exploring media-like qualities like books reviews, interviews and reverse-engineering storytelling in the media. I think it’s fair to say these types of posts added a touch of panache to this corner. I also learned that crafting a proper Q&A from a …more

The Blog Reality: "If You Build It, They Won’t Necessarily Come"

I’ve periodically addressed how to give your storytelling in a blog a fighting chance to find an audience through search engines. A colleague recently asked me to take a look at her blog and offer immediate thoughts on how she might improve traffic. Here’s the note with some minor “clean-up” which might have relevance for others. Dear Lost …more

If You Build It, They Generally Won’t Come

This should have been the title for my session on corporate blogging at SoCon11 on Saturday. That’s the greatest frustration for bloggers. Forget getting people to care and engage. The question on everyone’s mind: How do I simply attract a meaningful audience? Here’s the deck that framed the SoCon11 session on blogging. The words “Content …more

So Many Company Blogs Waste Valuable Real Estate

I’m referring to the “About” section of a blog. Think about this for a moment. What type of visitor is going to click for more information about your company’s blog? Right. First-time visitors. This is the property’s big moment to make a positive first impression. Yet, most company blogs simply push out the company line. There’s no …more

What Does 2011 Hold For My Blog?

I’ve been thinking about this blog. Not “what is the meaning of life” type of thinking but what’s worked in the past, what hasn’t worked and how can I improve the product. As a result, I’ve spiraled into a few conclusions that I’m going to apply this year. First, let’s take a look at what’s not working. …more

Forget The Brother, Intuit Can Spare A Dime (+ $99.90) Per Blog Post

Blogging shares a similarity with golf. A zillion people enjoy the activity, but only a chosen few make money at it. This point recently got hammered home when I stumbled across an ad on Craigslist recruiting bloggers for Intuit’s small-biz property. Intuit pays 100 bucks per post. I already knew it’s the rare blogger who can quit his or her …more