Storytelling Through a Business Prism


In Honor of Mother’s Day, Let’s Check My Mom’s Knowledge of the PR Biz

With Mother’s Day around the corner, I’m reminded of learning the basics of interviewing from my Mom. She perfected what I came to term the where-what-who method of questioning: Where you were last night? What did you do? Who were you with? Fast forwarding to today, I’ve conducted well over 500 interviews. I love the …more

Dear College Grad: Don’t Follow the Resume 101 Handbook

In a few weeks, the Spring class of 2022 at universities across the country will be tossing their (virtual) caps in the air. The days of cramming all night for a final have come to an end. Once the effect of too many White Claw mango beverages subsides, attention will turn to landing that illusive …more

Reflecting on 2021 Performance

Our company’s rescheduled holiday celebration looms later this week, prompting a look back on 2021. While the pandemic delivered the ultimate stress test for PR agencies in 2020, it’s not like everything returned to normal in 2021. Between variants like Omicron, political turmoil — hello, Jan. 6 — and continued calls for social justice, the …more

Storytelling in a Job Description. BTW, We’re Looking for a HR Manager.

Persuasive language has a huge say in the success or failure of the recruitment talent. Yet, most job descriptions and recruitment ads sound like they came from the same HR textbook penned in the ’70s. Forget differentiation. They’re often stringing together verbs and nouns that would be lucky to earn Cs from Mr. Harper, my …more

Revisiting the Martin Luther King, Jr. “I Have A Dream” Speech

Today’s holiday celebrating the life of Martin Luther King, Jr. always prompts me to dust off the “I Have Dream” speech. It’s a revealing exercise to read the text of the speech rather than watch and listen to the speech. King was such a gifted orator, you get the feeling he could recite the owner’s …more