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Monday’s post captured five of the 10 top posts this year (so far).

Here are the remaining posts.


6. Game of Thrones Depicts the Best of Persuasive Language

The final season of Game of Thrones played out this year. Rather than focus on the Iron Throne, we turned our attention to persuasive language, specifically Season 5, Episode 8 when Tyrion tries to land the trusted advisor role in Daenerys’ inner circle. His delivery of the “You’ve got a bad-guy problem, Sistah, and it’s only getting worse” message is a work of an art. With everything on the line, he shows the pure power of oration without any slides or props.


7. How to Ask Tough Questions to Dig Out Storytelling Gold.

logo of npr's podcast fresh air

An avid podcast listener, I love NPR’s “Fresh Air.” Host Terry Gross is gifted at interviewing guests, bringing fresh information to the surface. She even sits down with celebrities whose lives have been dissected by the media. Such was the case with actor Patricia Arquette. This post takes away lessons that can be applied to the communications profession.


8. Bloomberg Joins the Flawed Dot-connecting Discourse Between Journalism and PR

You count on the story angle “PR is killing journalism” to appear somewhere every quarter. While it’s true that a number of journalists have jumped the fence to join the PR profession, the commoditization of information — thanks to the internet, not PR — cratered the economics of journalism.


9. You Don’t Need to Be Hemingway to Bring Storytelling to Business Communications

Years ago we took on the task on reverse-engineering a ton of articles in business publications — maybe that’s a slight exaggeration, but they definitely had heft in the aggregate — to figure out how journalists lift their writing. That became the basis for our storytelling methodology, workshops and ultimately the Periodic Table for Business Storytelling.
.screenshot of the hoffman agency's storytelling techniques


10. A PR Announcement That Defies “Elvis Has Left the Building”

When you’re part of a PR effort for a big brand, journalists write about your announcements and return your phone calls. Life is good. Still, studying Apple from afar, their PR team brings a certain savvy to the table that I don’t see in like companies. The announcement that iconic designer Jony Ive had decided to leave Apple for his own venture offers an example of this savviness. To assure the market that Ive is not leaving in a huff and he’ll continue to sprinkle his pixie dust on Apple products, the news release highlighted that Apple will be Ive’s first customer.



Given everything taking place in the wacky world of communications, I’m thinking the second half of the year should be a fun ride.

And that’s before the 2020 Presidential election gets serious.

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