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Predictions for the Communications Industry in 2010

In the spirit of Johnny Carson’s alter ego Carnac the Magnificent, here’s my look into the communications crystal ball for 2010. But before jumping in, many thanks to Todd Defren who was kind enough to run these predictions on his blog PR-Squared. A Federal Trade Commission Investigation Will Evolve into Bloggergate This year saw the …more

Every Story Benefits From A Hero (Or Two Or Three): Business Storytelling

By definition, there’s a feel-good element to a hero. They overcome obstacles on their way to a positive outcome. And if the hero starts out as an underdog a la “David versus Goliath” there’s even more of a reason to have a rooting interest. The same concept holds true in business storytelling. While we tend …more

Storytelling in the Official Google Blog: Global Communications

There’s a reason that the official Google Blog is so well read and shows up on the Techmeme leaderboard. Beyond dominating search, the Google posts are crafted with a conversational tone and often contrast the old way with a new way. Take last week’s post “Go thataway: Google Maps India learns to navigate like a …more

The New York Times Interpretation Of An Enterprise Computing Story

When the New York Times hired Ashlee Vance, many enterprise computing PR folks rejoiced. Tired of watching the Web 2.0 hotshots dominate business media stories on computing, they thought, “Finally. Here is a major daily bringing on Vance with the implied message that enterprise computing once again matters.” Not exactly. It was as if people …more

Power of Contrast Comes Through in McDonald’s Story

When contrast is so great that it challenges our assumptions, you’ve got the makings of a good story. So it is in The Huffington Post article, “McDonald’s Gets Modern European-Style Makeover in NYC.” Is there a restaurant interior more dreary than the classic McDonald’s? Clearly, the original objective for the seating area was to make …more

Crafting a Guest Post with Entertainment Quotient

The vast majority of my posts address topics outside the confines of the Agency. My last company-centric post was back in July, taking a trip down nostalgia lane with our 21-year anniversary in mind. With the caveat out of the way, I wanted to highlight a guest post from Wei Wang out of our Beijing …more

Transforming Table Scraps into Energy Makes for a Good Story

Compelling storytelling in business often threads together anecdotes and numbers into a single tale. This dynamic comes across loud and clear in the USA Today article “Utility Turns Table Scraps into Electricity” by Julie Schmit The story focuses on the East Bay Municipal Utility District in the San Francisco Bay Area and its first-of-a-kind treatment …more

Borrowing from Crocodile Dundee, "Now That’s an Anecdote"

Like most business publications, the Journal has been covering the maneuvering related to the Supreme Court addressing the question on intellectual property: When can a business method be patented? As you would expect, stories have revolved around attorneys and CEOs informally pleading their cases that just so happen to align with their own interests. Not …more