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Tag-teaming With Pete Lewis On Storytelling Workshop, Part II

Pete Lewis and I have created a storytelling curriculum that reflects both journalism and PR perspectives. As the first the technology editor for the New York Times (personally registered the domain), Pete has some interesting takes on the media landscape and storytelling. I posted the first part of a Q&A with him last week. Here’s the …more

Storytelling Can’t Help A Bad Product

The Korean newspaper Electronic Times asked me to write a series of columns that looked at business issues through the lens of Silicon Valley. One column emphasized that a successful product launch starts by doing your homework: Foreign tech companies often don’t take the time to do their homework and figure out how their product …more

Tag-teaming With Pete Lewis On Storytelling Workshop

I’ve known Pete Lewis for some time, going back to his days laying the groundwork for how The New York Times covers technology. After Pete moved to Fortune to practice long-form journalism – or at least a longer form than The NYT – and later took up teaching at Stanford’s J school, I lost touch. …more

EE Times Strives to Jump Start the Conversation

Junko Yoshida, EE Times EIC, penned a grab-you-by-the-throat editorial, “To Vendors, Where’s Your Community Spirit?” She makes the point that “engagement” has become the new black, but vendors continue to be conspicuously absent in the EE Times conversation: While the guys with all the money continue to spout the importance of engagement, they seem to …more

A Story That Once Again Proves Life Is Better Than Fiction

  Now here’s a headline that causes one to pause: Swedish Man Caught Trying to Split Atoms in Kitchen My idea of a kitchen adventure involves experimenting with Dijon mustard in tuna or trying out the new omelet pan I got for Father’s Day. A laggard in physics, I can say with a straight face …more

AHALife And Its Quest To Differentiate Through Storytelling

Can storytelling build equity in a company’s brand? Better yet, can storytelling differentiate a company? AHALife makes a case for both. I remember Twitter CEO Dick Costolo blogging about the purchase of a product from that came with a fresh note: “If you are actually reading this note you should be super happy. First, you …more

What We Have Here Is A Delay To Communicate

Whether we’re talking an IT director at a Fortune 500 company or an aluminum salesman in Des Moines, people consume visuals with greater ease than words. That’s why communicators of all shapes and sizes should embrace visual storytelling. And there’s more to visual communication than the grandiose infographic. Photos, illustrations and simple graphics can enhance …more

Novellus CEO Tells His Story On TV During Both Good And Bad Times

Sheri Baer, the Agency’s broadcast practice leader, regularly contributes to this forum, last taking readers behind the curtain of Bloomberg TV. In her latest take, she makes the point that leaders lead regardless of the market conditions. This is the wrong time of year to own tech … And if you didn’t believe me before, …more

B2B Video Storytelling Plays Off Dos Equis Campaign

Anyone can create a video and gain access to millions of viewers. The barriers to entry consist of nothing more than a video recorder and an Internet connection. But the rise of anyone-can-make-a-video has generated a fair amount of dreadful stuff. It’s especially challenging for a B2B company to create a video that stands apart …more