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The Economist Showcases the Anecdote as an Art Form

I’m a big fan of The Economist. The writers have perfected storytelling for a business audience. Of course, the writers toil in relative obscurity with a no-byline policy that leaves readers to wonder “Who the hell wrote that piece?” So I can’t tell you who penned the masterpiece called “A Different Game,” addressing data storage …more

Borrowing from Crocodile Dundee, "Now That’s an Anecdote"

Like most business publications, the Journal has been covering the maneuvering related to the Supreme Court addressing the question on intellectual property: When can a business method be patented? As you would expect, stories have revolved around attorneys and CEOs informally pleading their cases that just so happen to align with their own interests. Not …more

Revisiting the All-important Anecdote

The latest issue of BusinessWeek ran a piece called “The Leaner Baby Boomer Economy” In short, the story looks at how major brands like Starwood Hotels and Mercedes are responding to baby boomers cutting back on their discretionary spending. Like all compelling storytelling, the writer David Welch makes good use of anecdotes. For example, he …more

The Engima of Business Journalism, The Economist

Cloaked with a veneer of secrecy that leaves readers to wonder “Who the hell wrote that article?” The Economist takes pride in baffling the garden-variety PR person. Its editorial decisions can at times seem quirky for the sake of being quirky. I mean, do we really need 499 words devoted to ornithology and a bio-acoustic monitor that can distinguish …more